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Website Designing- During Global Pandemic

Website Designing- During Global Pandemic

Top 6 factors to consider while designing a website

To describe in very simple terms, a website is supposed to be the online representation of your business. A complete reflection of the offers, goods and services that you intend to provide. Agreeable much?!

Well of course, a quintessential online presence works as a catalyst for increasing the business’ growth. So, while planning to start a business, one of the prime steps is to create a website which is both appealing and useful to the target audience. 

So, what’s the next step? Only creating a website won’t fetch traffic or target audience to be specific. You should always know how to create a website in the proper way.

That’s again not difficult. Just follow the section below and read about the things to consider while creating a proper website.

Usability: A website won’t gain much traffic if the average user accessibility is zero. Much of your site visitors are certainly not HTML coders. So, it’s better to simplify the site to make give a proper readability access.

Speed: We feel disgusted when the words ‘loading’ appear, right? Might sound funny, but the speed of your website is a prime factor in making or breaking the entire brand value of your company. Despite the rapid technology relentlessly operating and connecting people to several pages across the world, if the page fails to load within three to five seconds, users would leave the site and never return. Thus, likely to lose out on a whole lot of potential business.

Clarity in design:  Visual display comfort is a major thing in designing websites. The website design should be clean yet appealing. A quality design comes with attractive components, is easy to comprehend and has instinctive navigation. Most importantly, the benefits of imposing a clean design aids viewers to concentrate on the brand value, instead of getting distracted by massive texts and large graphics. Often, the visitors tend to link the website designs with the quality of product/services by a company. Hence, a prim and proper design is an essential for letting out a positive user experience that encourages re-visiting of the site by target customers.

Backend Services or the Content Management System: It’s almost next to impossible while opting of website designing and not considering about a proper backend management program. Users look forward to the site with great interface. However, the backend is the real operational factor of the website. Minus a strong and supportive backend management service, your website won’t possess the ability to attract customers to the site. Customizable CMSes like WordPress and Magento are the best for e-commerce sites.

An active blog page: An active on-site blog page works great in informing the customers about the latest products/services, the events scheduled to occur, and all the industry-related information. Featuring and daily updating a blog on the website is indeed a great idea to connect and interact with the target audience. Keeping your blog regularly updated with fresh, innovative and engaging contents, along with relevant images, increases your brand value among the customers, along with the enhancement of the desire to carry on the communication. In the long run, this results in achieving a premier name in the industry and the brand becoming the most trusted resource.

Ease in compatibility with various browsers: As we all know technology is in an ever- emerging spree. With that, we are also witnessing the number of internet browsers growing day by day. From Internet Explorer to Chrome to Firefox and now Safari, it needs to be made sure that the website works with much ease in all the above. While creating, and designing a website, it needs to be made sure that your website is accessible from multiple browsers. More important, it should be able to load properly on all the major browsers which also includes the ng older versions. Failing to adopt this step might lead to the exclusion of a larger section of your customer base, which is an unwanted consequence or a major mishap for any growing business.

Thus, these are the essential points to remember while designing a website. While seeking for a professional web designing company please do consider https://nukindigital.com.au/.


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