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SEO Agency Melbourne: 4 Website Security Issues We Can Solve

SEO Agency Melbourne: 4 Website Security Issues We Can Solve

Back in the old days, webmasters only needed to find out what Google is looking for, which are basically keywords. Now, optimisation is far more complex.

Yes, content is still king. However, Google now also aims to protect users from malware and unsecured websites. The more your website is vulnerable, the lower your rankings will be on search results.

This is why website security and SEO should be monitored carefully. Here are 4 website security issues that can be resolved with the help of an SEO agency Melbourne entrepreneurs trust.

1. Data theft

Data privacy is important. Sure, your SEO efforts may land you clients, but one case of compromised data will put your efforts to waste. Your website should have robust security to avoid stolen personal data.

Starting from scratch is definitely a hassle. Therefore, a combination of website security and SEO is a must. Taking care of all your vulnerabilities early on is ideal.

2. Crawling errors due to Hacking

“Error 404” and “Page not found” are some of the error messages you’re likely already familiar with. It may be the result of hackers deleting some of your web pages—which can lead to your visitors leaving your site. Google can detect this and can have you penalised for it.

Aside from the said errors, attackers can also have your website experience downtime. Your bounce rate will go up if users can’t access what they’re looking for.

3. Spam Hack

Hackers can also attack by inserting content into your website that will redirect to their scams. With your website’s security compromised, your SEO rankings will drop as a result. What’s worse is that hackers, possibly a competitor, can improve their ranking through these suspicious links.

It is basically a concept of link building; Black Hat SEO illegally boosts these malicious websites. Googlebot may then catch this instantly and put your website on the blacklist.

4. ‘Man-in the-middle’ Attack

Through this attack, hackers can steal personal information, such as account details, credit card information, etc. The most common cause of this is having a non-HTTPS website. Google already decided to flag these websites as “not secure”, and tech-savvy users are now aware of this.

Further, if a user leaves your website immediately after clicking on it, Google will see this as a signal that your website does not provide desirable content. After all, on-page time is also a metric in SEO.

Website security and SEO is your go-to combination

Majority of businesses now understand the importance of having a secured website. In line with this, great security can also help enhance your search engine ranking. Having these two covered is essential, but being on top of both can be challenging at times.

Reviewing your security processes at least twice a year is a must. Making sure that your website is in the best condition possible can save you from future concerns. Why hire separate agencies for website security and SEO? You can entrust both to professionals have a proven track record of excelling in both.

Finally, take advantage of the wide range of marketing services Australia has to offer. You can easily and efficiently get rid of the above-mentioned problems with the right digital marketing team supporting you.


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