Pandemic Response Marketing Strategies

The flourishing times have seen the world in a pandemonium. Owing to the outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in China and the Ebola in West Africa, it’s only evocative of the point that these pandemics are the real threats for organisations globally.

No doubt pandemic outbreaks are real obstacles which can put adverse impact on business strategies and implementation. It can change the whole business plan and can damage severely to your business. Here we badly feel the need of proper Pandemic Strategies for survival in such hard situations. It’s not that much easy to Deal such critical time, but we need a quick response and adequate strategies to become more flexible and implementation of strategies to overcome from this pandemic phase.

We have experts who can handle your business in such a pandemic situation and help your business to survive such a critical time with the help of proper and robust pandemic strategies. Though it’s not that simple to handle and manage global pandemic NuKind Digital Marketing company will provide you best support to save your economy and business operations during any pandemic situation. We have the best Business Continuity Plan, which can help you to protect your proficient employees, revenue channels.

Pandemic Response Marketing Solutions

The pandemic situation need unique strategies! As a responsible Digital marketing agency, we plan everything properly to fight with any pandemic situation.

Website Maintenance

Website is the face of your business if you are in the online field. We understand the importance of the website during a pandemic. That’s the reason we resolve all issues of your website and manage everything properly. Our experts will optimize your website correctly and also boost your website’s loading speed. We provide top class and attractive landing pages on your website, which can grab huge business lead even during a pandemic.


Social Media

No doubt, social media is a reliable platform when it comes to online business marketing. We try to build strong social media profiles to enhance the trust factor and business reach on social media platforms. We have team members who can build trusted channels and help your business to get in touch with the targeted audience and clients.

Online promotion

Online promotion is the foundation of business nowadays. We usually focus more on this sector during a pandemic. We promote the brand via Google Ads, Microsoft ads, Facebook ads and other platforms with proper strategies.


We, as Pandemic Response Strategists are involved in planning, testing, and regular scrutiny of the measures might help your business to attain a position where it would become easy to mitigate the pandemic effect and recover from the after socio-economic after-effects, rapidly. These might also include certain additional benefits. Like:

  • Increased security determining the protection of employees.
  • Safely reserved components like market share, brand value, and shareholder value.
  • Betterment of security structure, maintaining hygiene and reinforcement of focal resources.
  • Making strong the internal business control measures and the risk intelligence planning.

To meet the requirements of your business continuity resiliency planning in times of pandemic, we have altered our industry-specific approach, methods, and procedures, for your organization. Trust us as we have our years of experience as a qualified and trusted risk advisor on pandemic planning and response. With this also imparting our expertise in risk management issues, HR consulting, and risk transfer alternatives.

Business Continuity Plan

We would incorporate your ideas along with our strategies to give shape to a Pandemic Response Plan that mainly justifies the following two conditions. Namely:

(1) Merging with the already existing crisis management plans, emergency responsive actions.

(2) Maps designed to suit the operational needs of your organization. This includes:

  • Revamping plans that speaks well of an existing overall disaster management structure and processes that lead to fast and joint decision making at various levels of the organization.
  • Re-establishing the necessary policies and procedures that supports the business Impact recovery strategies.
  • Joining all the related disaster response plans, listing business continuity, rapid response, supply chain management, communications, human impact effects, and others.
  • Training office people proper techniques and exercises that would help in the effective implementation of the plan as situations prevail.

How NuKind Digital Can Help Get Your Business Back On Track?

We aid companies with a quick review of their already in progress plans related to pandemic preparedness, to have a quick scrutiny of their effectiveness and detect the flaws in the entire process. To make sure that our approach is holistic, we also include our expert colleagues from various fields like clinical health, insurance to take part in the review process.

Our rapid business impact recovery strategist assessment looks mainly to streamline your organization’s current abilities, spot the gaps, and produces guidelines for the betterment. In addition, we also conduct a pandemic preparedness assessment which mainly goes through these following activities.

  • Collection and analysis of data.
  • Interviews of the main stakeholders.
  • If needed, an extended workshop for the stakeholders.
  • Wrap-up presentation and roadmap.


We Help You Reimagine Marketing Your Business In 'New' Normal

Honestly, a typical pandemic preparedness assessment takes around one week, entirely depending on the management’s availability. We begin by reviewing your organisation’s all the present documentation, interviewing the senior executives, and of course the round-table workshop with key stakeholders. After all the steps, we analyse and then suggest a pandemic preparedness implementation guide map that states all the future activities and measures to be taken.

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