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Integrated Marketing – Everything You Need to Know

Integrated Marketing – Everything You Need to Know

Technology continuously progresses, creating new trends on how businesses can effectively market their brand. Hence, companies in Australia need to catch up with by modernising and innovating their marketing plans. Terminologies like “omnichannel” and “integrated” come to mind in terms of overwhelming marketing strategies.

This begs the question, what exactly is integrated marketing? Is it as complicated as it sounds?  How is it compared to omnichannel marketing, and is it important for you and your business?

Integrated Marketing – Effective for Brand Recognition

Integrated Marketing is the utilisation of multiple advertising channels to send a consistent message regarding your brand, products, and services. It exists to remove the discrepancies and disparities regardless of how your customers communicate with your brand.

Your company will save time and resources through the unification of your marketing strategies. It is not cost-efficient for your marketing budget to formulate separate campaigns per platform. From social media to targeted search engine marketing Australia locally, integrated marketing offers a well-rounded approach across all communication tactics. All in all, brand recognition!

What About Omnichannel Marketing?

Omnichannel marketing is different to integrated marketing. Even though both use multiple channels for promotion, omnichannel marketing is primarily focused on customer experience. Integrated marketing is all about delivering a consistent message for the brand.

Take this for an example: a clothing store offers options to streamline customer experience like click and collect, same day delivery, etc. – that’s omnichannel marketing. On the other hand, a clothing store launching a consistent branding across all marketing avenues – that’s integrated marketing.

That’s what separates the two. While they focus on different things, both work best together. An overall pleasant shopping experience will boost any multi-dimensional marketing plan. This only proves that hiring the best digital marketing agency Australia has to offer is a necessity.

Improving Your Marketing Efforts While Reducing Costs

Imagine a marketing strategy where there are separate teams handling ad campaigns, email marketing and social media. Chances are, these teams never work together to share ideas and reflect on the other’s errors.


Customers will not understand what your brand wants to convey if all these teams share mixed messages. Much time and money will be wasted on an incohesive marketing strategy – with little to no return of investment.

Now picture a brand slogan that has ‘retain’ factor. 9 times out of 10, the company used one tagline in all of its marketing channels. It could be, for example, a marketing campaign that promotes a new product or service to the public. Now it posts social media ads to give customers more information and pique their interest. Finally, telemarketing and email marketing will attempt to close the sale.

By implementing a robust integrated marketing strategy, you are putting emphasis on your message – which will lead to a much more positive brand image. Concentrating on one cohesive message will help you save money rather than designing separate contents for multiple campaigns.

Be Where Your Target Audience Are

A company that focuses on their niche platform has a better chance of becoming a household brand. Working through channels with only a small percentage of your target audience will not yield results. Connect with your potential clients effectively by projecting your message through several touchpoints.

For instance, you can also turn your attention to Facebook or an SMS ad campaign instead of focusing solely on email marketing. As you have likely realised by now, not having an integrated marketing strategy is your countdown to bankruptcy.

Creating a Plan

You should align your campaign goals first before anything else, making sure that all your channels will deliver the same message. Aligning your brand’s values is the start of a successful integrated marketing campaign.

Next, you should be deciding on the channels where your brand will appear. After aligning your goals, you should now be able to determine where your target market is. Being aware of the buyer’s persona in every channel is definitely ideal.

Decide who’s in charge of the overall marketing strategy—having multiple people at the helm is counterproductive. All channels should have the same campaign messaging. 

All assets should be flexible across all channels. Important resources such as copies, images and videos should be in line with the brand guidelines.

Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Creating a plan on your own is definitely impressive, but you can take the more efficient and easier route. It’s advisable to hire a digital marketing agency, especially if you don’t have an in-house marketing team yet.

Experienced marketing professionals can help determine your brand’s needs and implement the best integrated marketing campaign for you. They will present a plan based on what they think will work for you—all you need to do is give your stamp of approval and make some suggestions.


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