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Digital Marketing During Global Pandemic

Digital Marketing During Global Pandemic

Digital Marketing as an effective tool during global pandemic

2020 has been heard since its inception. With the outbreak of the global pandemic all we can only think of is anxiety, depression, dismay and death.

The novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has also fetched the newly learned term of social distancing. Thank God for the ever-increasing technological spree that connects us to everyone even in times of such a distress. In fact, the present times have also seen several B2B organizations offering their digital tools to help us live, connect and do our jobs virtually, in an effective manner. 

Resorting to digital platforms is a very common thing in our lives. Also, while in this phase of social distancing, we can lay stress over the marketing strategies, dealing with the usage of digital marketing in a more dynamic way.

Thus, the section below deals deep into the effectiveness of digital marketing during this ongoing global pandemic. Read on:

Virtual Conferencing and Communication

The global pandemic has also given prominence to another term, that is, work from home. Of course, needs no guessing but every one of us has participated in a video or web conference call for at least once in this entire lockdown period. While for some it might be a weekly or sometimes daily routine. The best solution to get connected to your team and customers. Customers both current and potential, appreciate these easily accessible channels where they have the freedom to ask questions and receive answers, from the convenience of their residence. While some people still prefer face-to-face meeting, these platforms work best to offer an alternative solution to keep the business stable. However, an important thing to remember here is that, even with these virtual conferences and minus the personal meetings, the marketing conversations and deals should not lose its pace.



Webinars are the ‘in-thing’ right now. A great way to promote your business, the products and services it’s offers, and execution of leadership in a closed and personal way, with the assurance that the participants and audience are in a safe location. People these days are more into the processes of working, learning, connecting and growing. Webinars are the best way discovered that helps them to gain access on all the four above. 

Social media usage

 Since individuals have no other option than to stay indoors and practice social distancing, they are seeking for several ways to stay connected with others. Social media is the prime catalyst in this connecting process. Talking of communities, the local support groups have been immensely growing on Facebook in this entire crisis period and now count a total of million people. Individuals are more enthusiastic than ever to help the vulnerable ones in their communities, by volunteering to help in their everyday tasks, do the necessary shopping, and much more.

Other than Facebook, quite a lot of other social networking sites are also gaining momentum, with the increase in users. Reddit reported an increase in traffic by 20-50% in several spheres like business, finance, news, education, travel, and sports. Instagram have created also 22% more users between Q4 2019 and Q1 2020. In fact, TikTok also declared a 27% engagement just from February to March.


Email is a major component for any marketing strategy. However, within these host of mass-produced e-communication techniques, how to distinguish the salient features of the email? A prime key is to create an empathetic mail and then send it to the customers and other connections. These mails have a personal touch and personalized emails reportedly have 6 times more, the transaction rate. 

There are also few other techniques. Messages that you have planned to send in the weeks to follow must be more focused on the concerns related to the COVID-19 crisis instead of a sales target. That also does not refer to totally shunning of your marketing plans. Just create contents based on current situations. Learn to sympathize with your clients. Address to their weaknesses and promise to help them in that through your product or services. The first mail received should have a compassionate tone. If it is purely sales related it would shut down the prospective customers and future dealings.

The times are hard with the evolution of new technologies. However, if you ever feel that certain things in digital marketing are not in sync with your ideas and understandings, contact us. The experts at NuKind digital marketing services are here to help you with any technical glitch.

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